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Sanit-Air has a unique approach to solving indoor air quality concerns. Instead of starting with aimless air samples, Sanit-Air's team conducts a detailed visual inspection that includes moisture detection, infrared imaging, and evaluation of ventilation. With our combined 52 years of indoor air quality investigations, we frequently can identify problems and provide solutions through the inspection phase only.

 If sampling is required, we customize a sampling plan to answer specific questions. Our ultimate goal is to identify problems and to develop cost-effective solutions.

 Questions that can be answered include...

          -   Could your house be making you sick?
          -   Is a stained area actually mold or a chemical compound such as soot or                     other particulate matter that could be mistaken for mold?
          -  Does hidden mold exist between floor, ceiling, or wall cavities?
          -  Has mold that has grown on surfaces become airborne?

          -  Has mold growth caused cross contamination to furniture, clothing, and                    other  belongings?
          -  Have chemicals in building materials off-gassed into the indoor                                environment?
          -  Have chemicals in the surrounding soils off-gassed into the environment
          -   Is your house too tight causing contaminants to become concentrated? (It's               like living in a ziplock bag)

With information collected from the detailed inspection and testing, if conducted, Sanit-Air can develop a scope for remediation or invasive investigation. We work with professionals from various disciplines to ensure that we identify underlying causes and restore indoor environments to healthy conditions.

Contact us at info@sanit-air.com to find out how Sanit-Air can help you find answers and solutions to your residential Indoor Air Quality issues.