Michigan's Leading Indoor Air Quality Experts

Connie Morbach has served as an expert witness for more than 20 years. She has been qualified as an expert witness in circuit courts in Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois, as well as in Federal Courts. Her areas of expertise include indoor air quality, mold remediation, chemical contamination, indoor environmental conditions, and water damage.

Examples of cases in which she has testified include

    - Petroleum spillage

    - Water damage and mold due to construction defects

    - Assessment of damages from water and mold

    - Damages from cross contamination during remediation

    - Workman's Compensation cases for mold and chemicals

Sanit-Air's services in litigation can include the following: forensic water damage investigations, mold testing, chemical testing, development of remediation 
scopes, evaluation of other expert reports, subject research, and collaboration with engineers and other professionals.

Connie's expert testimony has been cited in written opinions from the Michigan appellate courts, Michigan supreme court, and federal courts.

Litigation Support

"Connie is one of the most qualified indoor air quality experts in the country. She is thorough, balanced and capable of assessing indoor air quality in a manner which cannot be effectively challenged. She is objective and provides excellent advice on remediation alternatives. I recommend her without hesitation to anyone who is need of expert indoor air quality assessment. She also has a great deal of experience providing expert testimony for both plaintiffs and defendants".

Randy (Ralph) Safford
Board Member at City Year Detroit