Commercial Indoor Air Quality

Michigan's Leading Indoor Air Quality Experts

Sanit-Air's team has investigated thousands of Indoor Air Quality complaints in schools, office spaces, churches, hospitals, libraries, and apartment and condominium complexes.

Sanit-Air offers indoor air quality surveys to investigate perceived indoor air quality problems with the goal of identifying the issue and then developing cost-effective remediation plans.

Many times building related complaints have simple fixes, such as increased ventilation, improved cleaning methods, and moisture control. When contaminant sources are identified, Sanit-Air develops customized remediation plans with the goal of minimizing downtime, alleviating fears, and designing cost-effective solutions.

Sanit-Air's investigative team can include indoor air quality scientists, mechanical engineers, moisture control professionals, and other specialties as deemed necessary.

In the past, Sanit-Air has acted as a liaison between building owners and tenants to minimize litigation and to encourage parties to work together for practical solutions.