Sanit-Air is frequently called upon to assess mold contamination and water damage as a supplement to a home inspector's assessment.

Sanit-Air encourages homeowners to have an indoor environmental assessment prior to listing their homes on the market. If a home gets labeled as being "contaminated" after listing, it can be significantly undervalued even when contamination is small.

Sanit-Air provides a Healthy HouseCall™ wherein we listen to the symptoms and concerns of the homeowner to determine our objectives and tailor a customized physical inspection of the residence. On
site we perform a visual inspection and a series of IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) tests to identify possible sources of indoor air pollution and determine if a problem exists.

You might want a Healthy HouseCall™ if
  -  You experience flu-like symptoms that subside when you are           out of the home

   - Symptoms of mold exposure can include chronic headaches,            inflammation, brain fog, chronic fatigue, repeated respiratory        or sinus infections, allergic reactions, uncontrolled asthma, and      chronic gastrointestinal disorders
   -  Water stains or mold growth are visible on ceilings, walls,                or other surfaces
   - Musty type odors are present within the home
   - There have been repeated incidents of flooding or water                 intrusion




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