improving the air  you breathe

Tom and Connie Morbach founded Sanit-Air in 1994, first as an air-duct cleaning company. Their knowledge, education, and experience directed them to expand their service into a comprehensive Indoor Air Quality company that prioritizes the health and comfort of their clients.


Sanit-Air is known for comprehensive investigations that get results. We are committed to detail and knowledge-based practices within everything we do - from the initial phone consultation to detailed assessments and comprehensive remediation projects. Our problem-solving approach along with “thinking out of the box” investigative techniques allow us to provide conclusive information for each of our clients from homeowners, insurance companies, and property managers to physicians and lawyers. Sanit-Air collaborates with vetted builders, HVAC professionals, engineers, and other professionals for an integrative approach to identifying and correcting indoor air quality issues, from water damage and mold to chemical off-gassing and ventilation deficiencies.


We are proud of the reputation we have earned for our scientific approach to problem-solving. Over the course of more than 10,000 projects, we have refined our process and our commitment to “do the right thing every time” without compromising our corporate mission to improve indoor air quality with the best standards of care for testing, inspecting, and remediation of the indoor environment.