improving the air  you breathe

Tom and Connie Morbach, husband, and wife founded Sanit-Air in the year of 1994, primarily as an air-duct cleaning company. Their knowledge, education, and experience led them to expand their horizon of service into a comprehensive Indoor Air Quality company that puts the health and comfort of their clients before anything else. Little did Tom & Connie know that their commitment to “doing the right thing,” passion for knowledge and excellence, and high moral and ethical standards would transform Sanit-Air into Michigan’s leading Indoor Air Quality experts. 

What Differentiates Sanit-Air

Scientific Approach to Problem Solving

Leading Indoor Air Quality Company for More than 20 years

Commitment to “Do No Harm”  Projects are designed to improve indoor air quality with the best standards of care for testing, inspecting, and remediation of the indoor environment.

Collaboration with vetted builders, HVAC professions, engineers, and other professionals with a commitment to ethics and integrity.

Performed more than 10,000 mold testing projects.

Ongoing education through professional development courses, workshops, and staying up to day with published literature and research projects,

Commitment to detail and knowledge-based remediation practices